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Ancient Games

“Pitz” The Mesoamerican Ballgame 


European Ball Games

Basque Pelota

International Federation of Basque Pelota (FIPV) 


International Handball Federation 


Palla on wikipedia 


Museo del Balon

Online Museum of the various Italian ball games (“Giochi della palla”) linking them to real tennis


UK Fives Federation (2005-)  – the official body supporting the games of Fives in the UK.

Clifton Fives (19c) 

Eton Fives (c. 1840)

Eton Fives Association (c. 1934)

Eton College Fives 

Rugby Fives (19c)

Rugby Fives Association (1927-)

St John’s Fives (19c)

Warminster Fives  (c. 1787)

Wessex Fives (18c or earlier)

Winchester Fives (19c)

Lawn Tennis (1873-)

The All England Tennis Club (AELTC aka Wimbledon) 

Rackets (18c)

North American Racquets Association (USA/Canada)

The Tennis & Rackets Association (UK)

 Squash (c. 1830)

U.S. Squash