Real Tennis

Real Tennis Associations Worldwide

Australian Real Tennis Association (Australia) – Facebook page

Comité Français de Jeu de Paume (France)

International Real Tennis Professionals Association

Irish Real Tennis Association (Ireland)

Ladies Real Tennis Association (UK) 

Dutch Real Tennis Association (Netherlands)

The Tennis & Rackets Association (UK)

The US Court Tennis Association (USA) 


Charitable Organizations & Societies

The Dedanists’ Foundation (UK) (2012-)

The Dedanists’ Society (UK) (2003-)

The Dick Bridgeman Fund (DBTRAF) & Young Professionals Fund (Real Tennis & Rackets, UK) (1965-)

The US Court Tennis Preservation Foundation (USA)  (1996-)

The Jesters – Real Tennis, Rackets, Eton Fives, Rugby Fives and Squash – Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, UK, USA (1934-)

The Mjolnirs – Rackets (UK)