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Information and subscription information about Real Tennis Magazine from the founder Bob Rulli:

“Hello Fellow Real Tennis enthusiast.  Thank you for checking out Real Tennis Magazine.  It is my goal to continue to grow the magazine and make it a resource that you look forward to with each new issue.  Our second issue is now available featuring our interview with recent French Open Singles and Doubles Champion Claire Fahey; we talked with the Pack Network who did the streaming for the recent World Championship, Michael Cecchi talks about staying motivated in your training off the court, we profile The National Tennis Club, Camden Riviere offers a video lesson on defending the Grille while playing doubles and much more.

Our November Issue will have a interview with Andrew Lyons, we will talk with the CEO of the IRTPA, Susie Faulkner about the  Bid process for hosting the 2018 Real Tennis World Championship, we will profile the founder of Gold Leaf Athletics, it will have our video lesson, a club profile, Tournaments & Fixtures for November and December, the photography of Michael Do and Tim Edwards and lots of other interesting features and stories.

We are the only International Magazine dedicated to the sport of Real Tennis and we hope that you will continue to support us and contribute to our growth.  The subscription price is $60.00 (USD) for ten (10) issues a year.  For less than the price of one (1) lesson you will have archived access to 10 video lessons throughout the year, Mike Cecchi’ s training and nutrition tips, as well as all the other great content in the magazine.  I hope that you will subscribe and if you enjoy the magazine share the fact that it is available with your friends and fellow players.  I welcome your feature, profile and story ideas, submissions on upcoming events, tournament results, as well as your comments.

Thank you!


Bob Rulli

Publisher & Chief Content Officer

Real Tennis Magazine