Historians, Writers, Artists, Photography & Film (Wine)

Historians, Artists, Photography & Film (and a few Wine-os too!)

(The following is the beginning of a list of members’ page listings.  In the meantime, please contact Frederika if you would like to add a link to this list) 

Historians, Writers, Artists, Photography & Wine

Frederika Adam website: www.frederikaadam.com

Michel d’Arcangues, Maritime Historian

Thierry Bernard-Tambour, Historian, Curator and Art Dealer

David Best, Historian of The Royal Tennis Court, Hampton Court

Roddy Bloomfield

Cees de Bondt – History of Real Tennis for the Dutch Real Tennis Association 

Simon Brett

Paul Brown, www.realtennis.tv

James Bruce The JT Faber Book of Tennis and Rackets (2015)

Yves Carlier, Curator, Chateau Versailles

Ryan Carey, USCTA

Alan Chalmers – The Tennis Bookshop 

Gordon Cope-Williams – Winery

Jon Crowell

Michael Do

Jonathan Edwards, Historian

Tim Edwards – Plough Studios 

Dick Friend – VineFinders

Michael P. Garnett, Historian

Dr. Heiner Gillmeister – Universität Bonn

Bob Gowland

Doug Grant – Real Tennis Australia

Kat Hamer

Andrea & Jonathan Hamer – Tarahill

Charlie Johnstone

Christopher Herbert – Latimer Vintners 

Geoffrey G. Hiller, Historian

Graham Hyland, Real Tennis Professional and Author

Roman Krznaric, The First Beautiful Game (2006)

Kate Leeming, Real Tennis Professional, Cycling Adventurer and Author

Michael Lindell, Architect and marvelous Illustrator of the Boomerang teams!

Simon Marshall, Real Tennis Professional and Writer

Kathryn McNicoll – Ronaldson Publications

Paul Mirat, Historian and President, Comité Français de Jeu de Paume

Joshua Mosley – animated jeu de paume

Andrew Mossford, Artist

Thomas Moulin, oversees the Facebook Groups for Fontainebleau and Suze la Rousse

Roger Pilgrim, Chairman of the T&RA Tennis Committee, Read Roger’s “Chairman’s Blog”

Tim Poolman, Musician and Filmmaker

Roy Raven, Author of the  Leamington Tennis Court Club’s An A-Z of Tennis (The Leamington Website has a number of very good pages on the history of real tennis)

Brian Rich, Historian

William Rowsell, Artist  

Schroder & Schyler (Chateau Kirwan) 

Dr. Richard Seymour Mead, history of tennis and rackets cartoons

Dr. John Shneerson – Newmarket Tennis Club History 

Dacre Stoker, Writer

Dr. Richard Travers, Historian

Charles Wade, established the Tennis Handicap System

Jacqui Watkins – Linen Prints

Elliott Wilcox List of court works from Bau-Xi Gallery, Canada

Allan Willingham, Architect and Historian

James Zug 

… and last but not least… Champagne Pol Roger (UK) 


Media, Film & Webstreaming 

Regular Webstreaming Channels:

Hobart Tennis Club – UStream Channel (Ron Booth & Simon Dwyer)

Royal Melbourne Tennis Channel on Justin TV

Racquet Club of Philadelphia (Jon Crowell) on Ustream

Princes Court Live – Ustream Channel (Ryan Carey)

Real Tennis TV (2010-) (Frederika Adam, Paul Brown & Media on Demand)

247.tv (Horizon) (2006 & 2012 men’s singles World Championships)

Video Archive & Links – including Rackets and other related sports:

2016 Australian Open, Royal Melbourne Tennis Club  

2015 British Open, The Queen’s Club (Tennis & Rackets Association Media Channel)

2015 Women’s World Championship, Leamington Court Tennis Club 

2015 US Open, Tennis & Racquet Club, Boston 

2014 World Championship, Melbourne RMTC YouTube produced by FuzzyTV: 

Day 1 (Tuesday) 

Day 2 (Thursday) 

Day 3 (4 Sunday) 

2014 4 January Trinquet St Martin, Biarritz Live Day of Real Tennis/Jeu de Paume on canalsportivelive.com

2013 French Opens & World Doubles, Paris Jeu de Paume on UStream

2013 Excerpt featuring Roman Krznaric from Manor Houses – Hampton Court Palace: Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace (Dir. Sam Taplin, PBS, 2013) on YouTube

2013 US Pro, National Tennis Club, Newport on UStream

2013 Rackets World Doubles Second Leg, The Queen’s Club on Realtennis.tv

2013 Rackets World Doubles First Leg, Racquet Club of Chicago on UStream

2013 Ladies’ British Open Final, Seacourt Tennis Club on YouTube

2013 US Open Rackets, Racquet Club of Philadelphia

2013 Australian Open, Royal Melbourne Tennis Club on UStream

2012 European Open, Lord’s on Realtennis.tv

2012 French Opens, Bordeaux-Merignac Jeu de Paume on UStream

2012 US Pro, National Tennis Club, Newport on UStream

2012 Cherry Blossom, Prince’s Court, Washington DC on UStream (Ryan Carey)

2012 World Championship Singles, The Queen’s Club on 247.tv

2012 Final Eliminator, Seacourt Tennis Club on UStream

2012 Semi-final First Leg, Final Eliminator, Prested Hall on Realtennis.tv

2011 European Open, Lord’s on Realtennis.tv

2011 US Pro, National Tennis Club, Newport on UStream

2011 Rackets World Doubles Championship, Second Leg, The Queen’s Club on Realtennis.tv

2011 US Open, Racquet Club of Philadelphia on Ustream (Jon Crowell)

2011 French Open, Paris Jeu de Paume on UStream 

2010 Dedanists’ Society Q&A Legends Dinner on Realtennis.tv

2010 First Test Event on Realtennis.tv (Fahey vs CVigrass; 2 exhibition doubles)

2010 French Open, Bordeaux on UStream

2010 Under 21 and Under 24 British Open Championships, Middlesex University on UStream

2009 Australian Open Highlights, Royal Melbourne Tennis Club on YouTube (Tim Poolman) – worth watching this promo with fantastic and fun editing with 5 cameras!

2009 French Open, Bordeaux on UStream

2008 World Championship Singles, Fontainebleau (made for French TV) & 3 Part Video available on YouTube (Tim Poolman): Part 1Part 2Part 3

2008 Australian Open, Royal Melbourne Tennis Club on YouTube (Tim Poolman)

2007 World Doubles, Boston Tennis & Racket Club on Video (Contact Frederika Adam for more information)

2006 World Championship Singles, The Oratory School was filmed (and a highlight programme produced for Sky Sports) and webstreamed on demand for the first time ever on www.247.tv (Contact the IRTPA for more information)


2004 US Pro, National Tennis Club, Newport (Copyright USCTPF)

2004 World Championship Singles, National Tennis Club, Newport (Copyright USCTPF)

2004 Tennis Channel Program, “This is Real Tennis” (D. Poholeck)

1997 Doubles Match filmed at Greentree on YouTube

1994 Sports Sunday (Australia) 2 Part report made after Rob Fahey’s first WC: Part 1Part 2 (posted by Tim Poolman)


Real Tennis in Film 

1968 Mayerling, stage set court

1973 The Three Musketeers

1976 The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

1981 The French Lieutenant’s Woman – starring David Johnson as Victorian Marker and shot at The Queen’s Club

1990 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

1998 Ever After

c. 1998 The Scarlet Pimpernel (TV), filmed at Merton College, Oxford

2007 The Tudors